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REITEL is stainless steel – for over 30 years!
REITEL has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products made in solid stainless steel for dental laboratories and practices. Stainless steel is resistant to water, steam, humidity as well as weak anorganic and inorganic acids. It is easy to clean and fulfi ls all the necessary requirements in connection with rules and regulations on hygiene. Moreover, a compact and elegant design provides intuitive operating elements and rapidly replaceable functional elements.

„Made in Germany“ – International.
All our products are built by hand at our premises in Bad Essen. Thus, we off er not only dental laboratory devices but also specialized products and other specialist items for mechanical engineering, jewellers and conservators. Our products are exported to over 60 countries in the world with a commitment to quality.

We are at your service.
Specialists with excellent knowledge are ready to answer your questions about our „Quality in stainless steel” products rapidly and effi ciently. Our most valuable source is the pool of skilled staff who are always ready to listen to your requests and constructive comments. These, where appropriate, can be incorporated quickly into our production. Our customers and users also benefi t from our front-line service support provided by our national and international commercial partners.


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We develop and produce our devices exclusively in Germany. Our employees are constantly updating their skills in order to quickly implement the latest technologies. Additionnally, our staff is regularly trained on the latest construction and production software. Development contracts are only awarded to external service providers, based in Germany. We thus keep the competence in Germany, to ensure rapid decision-making.


REITEL Feinwerktechnik GmbH

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49152 Bad Essen, Germany

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