New device for the dental practice: THERMORET


At the IDS 2017 in Cologne we presented our new syringe / composite warmer, focusing on application in the dental practice: The THERMORET makes your daily work in the dental practice much easier and offers increased comfort to your patients during dental treatment. The THERMORET heats composite materials and bite registration wax to allow warm delivery of the material. It saves energy and time – the key benefit is increased patient comfort during treatment! With the THERMORET you can also heat anesthetics and instruments to body temperature. The effect on the patient's feeling during a dental treatment is positively influenced in this way! The THERMORET also contains a stainless steel box for heating bite registration materials. A separate water bath for processing wax plates etc. is therefore no longer required. In addition, you do not have to waste time because the box can be easily removed and disinfected in the thermo-disinfector and then sterilized. Further stainless steel boxes are optionally available, thus optimizing practice workflow. The easy to use THERMORET is of course available in proven stainless steel quality – featuring a robust, easy and hygienic design. Thanks to its compact dimensions of 22 x 23 cm, the device fits into every treatment room.

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