New product in the REITEL range!


Since this month we offer a new product! The "little brother" of this device should already be familiar to you and the similarity is obvious: the DELIMER COMFORT is also available in proven stainless steel quality and can also be connected to self-filling steam cleaners of other manufacturers.

With the DELIMER COMFORT you can decalcify your tap water conveniently without the need for expensive replacement of cartridges so that expensive repairs due to limescale damage are prevented. The combination of ion exchanger and softening salt softens hard water by up to 50% and prevents deposits in the device. The semi-automatic regeneration process ensures uncomplicated operation.

Optionally, manual water extraction is also available as needed, if softened water is needed for other purposes in your lab. For a combination with a self-filling steam cleaner we recommend the TRONADA with dry / wet steam and brewing function. The TRONADA is available under order number 43101 as a set with the DELIMER COMFORT!

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