reitel heizplattengeraet thermoret


The THERMORET is used to heat thermoplastic materials, samples or other materials to the exact degree, up to a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius.The different sized slots ensure a homogeneous temperature distribution. Parts placed on top are also homogeneously heated thanks to the solid aluminium block. The supplied box is used to heat liquids up to 134 degrees Celsius so that it can be cleaned in washer disinfectors and sterilised in the thermodisinfector.

A glass tray with recesses is optionally available, on which liquids (e.g. ceramics or connector material) can be mixed in small quantities.

reitel heizplattengeraet thermoret


  • heats anesthetic and composite materials to allow warm delivery of the material as well as sodium hypochlorite solution and bite registration wax

  • allows for easy composite flow

  • material block enables preheting of carpules, syringes etc.

  • easy-to-use display controller
  • stainless steel water container

reitel heizplattengeraet thermoret

Technical data

Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 180 W

Speed: max. 3000 rpm / automatic change of rotation direction

Capacity: approx. 0,8 l


height / width / depth: 135 (incl. box: 180) / 220 / 230 mm

Weight: 5,5 kg

Hole-Ø: 0,8 / 1,3 / 1,6 / 2,1 cm

Technical data

Temperature: max. 70 °C

Housing: stainless steel

Order-No.: 16002000