reitel heizplattengeraet thermoret


Maybe you are also familiar with the fact that your composites are not liquid enough? In order to facilitate application for the doctor treating and to increase patient comfort, REITEL has developed the new THERMORET heater. Syringes and compules can be pre-heated in the material box. Pre-conditioning with heat will allow for a better flow of your composites. Additionally the THERMORET is suitable for warming sodium hypochlorite solution used for root canal treatment. Instruments for daily use such as spatula or probes can also be pre-heated. Your patients will have the benefit of a more pleasant treatment. Bite registration wax, for example, can be pre-heated in the stainless steel box. Precise temperature control in an exact range up to 70 °C is enabled by the intuitive display.

reitel heizplattengeraet thermoret


  • heats anesthetic and composite materials to allow warm delivery of the material as well as sodium hypochlorite solution and bite registration wax

  • allows for easy composite flow

  • material block enables preheting of carpules, syringes etc.

  • easy-to-use display controller
  • stainless steel water container

reitel heizplattengeraet thermoret

Technical data

Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 180 W

Speed: max. 3000 rpm / automatic change of rotation direction

Capacity: approx. 0,8 l


height / width / depth: 135 (incl. box: 180) / 220 / 230 mm

Weight: 5,5 kg

Hole-Ø: 0,8 / 1,3 / 1,6 / 2,1 cm

Technical data

Temperature: max. 70 °C

Housing: stainless steel

Order-No.: 16002000