reitel polymerisationsgeraet polymat


Dental articulators or several flasks in a flask press can be polymerised simultanteously.

Pressure, time and curing temperature are adjustible. The heating outside the stainless steel tank is free from wear and grants durability, facilitating cleaning of the corrosion-resistant stainless steel pressure pot.

Heating process can also be started with the lid open. Water is drained off via a drain tap, which is supplied with the unit.

reitel polymerisationsgeraet polymat


  • electronic temperature control

  • timer up to 120 minutes

  • heating outside the stainless steel tank

  • status display

  • fast pressure build-up

  • water-proof according to IP 44

  • various safety tools

  • drain tap

reitel polymerisationsgeraet polymat

Technical Data

Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 1.100 W

Heigh/width/depth: 330/330+290/380 mm

Inner dimensions tank

d/h: 220/190 mm

Weight: 22 kg

Tank capacity: 7 l

Pressure: 0-6 bar

Technical Data

Temperature: up to 100 °C, opt. 120 °C

Housing: stainless steel

Order-No.: 18301000

reitel polymerisationsgeraet polymat


120 °C temperature extension Order-No.: 28300000


polycure lichthaerte geraet


In terms of polymerization, we have something new in our range! In addition to the well-known POLYMAT for hot or cold curing products we present the new POLYCURE for light-curing resins and plastics!
The innovative light curing device made of high-quality stainless steel offers three light frequencies for a wide variety of materials. Durable high-performance LEDs, a large turntable and integrated ventilation in the interior ensure optimum curing conditions. Optimised easy operation is ensured by the individual setting of the electric timer and large access area via the hinged lid.

polycure lichthaerte geraet


  • three light frequencies for different materials

  • durable high-performance LEDs

  • wide access area and free movement thanks to hinged lid

  • generously dimensioned rotary disc

  • individually adjustable time with a digital timer

  • integrated inner chamber ventilation prevents overheating of your workpieces

polycure lichthaerte geraet

Technical data

Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 30 W

Wavelength: 385 – 390 nm / 405 – 410 nm / 465 – 470 nm

Height / Width / Depth: 21/44 x 21 x 33,5 cm

Weight: 5,5 kg

Diameter of rotary disc: 12,5 cm

Housing: Stainless steel

Order No.: 18310000

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