reitel dental scanner anyscan


The AnySCAN dental scanner and the accompanying computer are used for model scanning.

The scan of a single die lasts less than 60 seconds, the digitalisation of an entire jaw just 90 seconds. The newly developed, larger measurement field and
fully automatic two-axis system ensures pinpoint accuracy of long bridges and implant bars. The removable object holder and tool drawer ensure ergonomic operating of the AnySCAN scanner and scan bodies, screws and tools are always ready at hand.

While scanning, bite registrations and model segments can be stored safely.

 reitel dental scanner anyscan


  • line scanner, 5 axis siumultaneous motion

  • high scan accuracy of +/- 10 μm

  • dentCreate! Design software for producing accurate fitting crowns and bridges and individual abutments

 reitel dental scanner anyscan

Technical Data

Line voltage: 100-230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 100 W

Scan range (d/h): 90/30 mm

Control: auto 5-axis-simulation

Measuring speed: < 1 min. per unit

Port: USB

Operating system: Windows 10®

Height/width/depth: 430/490/440 mm

Weight: 33 kg

Housing: synthetic material, silver

AnySCAN Set Order-No.: 43421000

(The set includes scan and design software, computer, screen, mouse and keyboard.)

 reitel dental scanner anyscan


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