Sintering Furnace




The maximum temperature that can be reached in the AnyTHERM furnace is 1600 °C and so it’s the perfect unit for sintering all zirconia materials
currently on the market.

The furnace is fully programmable and has a variety of firing programs. The muffle chamber is lined with high quality insulation material and is sealed perfectly by the motorized firing table. Four heavy duty MoSi2 heating elements provide outstanding temperature uniformity.

The rate of climb is 30 °C/min. and is therefore thoroughly future–proofed to anticipate the development of any new materials. The unit incorporates a number of safety devices.



  • motorised firing table

  • smooth, vibration-free lift

  • muffle lined with high quality fibre material

  • compact design


Technical Data

Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 3.000 W

Max. temperature: 1.600 °C

Height/width/depth: 880/360/460 mm

Heating room d/h: 120/100 mm

Weight: 55 kg

Programming: electronic, individual

Housing: stainless steel

Order-No.: 58600000



CAD/CAM AnyTHERM Sintering Furnace pdf

AnyTHERM Sintering Furnace operting instruction coming soon.

Here you will shortly be able to watch a video.

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