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reitel software exocad


The exocad design software is the ideal compliment to the dental scanners AnySCAN and AnySCAN COMFORT, simplifying the technology of digital dentistry even for beginners by way of a coordinated, stepby-step workflow and intuitive user interface.

The user interface of the software is easily customised to accommodate the requirements and capabilities of individual users.

reitel software exocad


  • no annual license fees

  • intuitive user interface and multiple indications

  • Backward Planning ensures the ideal abutment shape and size

  • CutBack-Function avoids chipping of ceramic

  • functional occlusion design

  • STL-file format

  • intelligent task manager

Order-No.: 58404000

reitel software exocad

Recommended computer requirements

Operating system: Windows 7®, 64 bit

Prozessor: Quad-Core & higher

Memory: 8 GB

Hard Drive: approx. 500 GB

AnyCAD Computer, pre-configured Order-No.: 58401000

reitel software exocad

exocad Module

  • provisonal crowns and bridges

  • abutments

  • bars

  • DICOM-Viewer

  • virtual articulator

  • occlusal splint

  • TruSmile

  • Model Creator

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