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reitel ultraschallreiniger soniret


The ultrasonic unit SONIRET offers a rapid and highly efficient method of precise cleaning of different instruments and objects.

Both time and temperature can be set on the control panel. Clear digital display for read-out of the settings. Integrated heating for fast temperature rise
from 20 to 80 °C. Vibration technology with high efficiency for optimum cleaning results in places which are difficult to access, e.g. bores, joints or grooves, preventing mechanical damage.

The unit is supplied with a metal cover.

reitel ultraschallreiniger soniret


  • fast instrument cycle

  • time-reduced disinfection procedure

  • temperature range from 20 to 80 °C

  • timer setting with 1 - 99 minutes adjustable

  • tank capacity max. 3 l

reitel ultraschallreiniger soniret

Technical Data

Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Current consumption: 200 W

Capacity: 3 l

Tank dimensions

Height/width/depth: 100/240/140 mm

Appliance size

Height/width/depth: 210/280/190 mm

Weight: 4,5 kg

Technical Data

Frequency: 40 KHz

Housing: stainless steel

Order-No.: 10200000

reitel ultraschallreiniger soniret


Insert tray, stainless steel Order-No.: 20400000

Insert tray, plastic Order-No.: 20401000

Beaker positioning cover,

stainless steel Order-No.: 20403000

Glass beaker Order-No.: 20402000

Insert basket, plastic Order-No.: 20405000

Insert basket, stainless steel Order-No.: 20404000

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