Orthodontic workstation

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    The ERGORET CC orthodontic workstation is designed for health protecting treatment of synthetic material in laboratories and orthodontic practices. Two integrated extractors provide the safe extraction of dust and especially methyl methacrylate vapours. The contaminants remain in activated carbon filters. The ERGORET CC orthodontic workstation can be connected to multi-place suction units, central suctions or to the DUSTY suctions. Togheter with the optional VARIO-lifting table best conditions to minimise strain and tiredness are offered. The ERGORET CC provides a variety of extras – e.g. magnifying glass, anti-slip rubber mat and drawers.
    Note: Reimbursements can be applied for at your local authorities responsible for subsidization of ergonomic workplaces such as the ERGORET CC Orthodontics.

  • Technical features

    Technical features

    • massive wood base and protective glass cover
    • anti-slip rubber mat
    • handpiece adapter
    • two drawers and stainless steel tray
    • trap for coarse waste
    • hinged magnifying glass (4 diopters)
    • perfect LED-lighting
    • Line voltage: 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
    • Current consumption: 120 W
    • Height/Width/Depth: 670/925/860 mm
    • Weight: 60 kg
    • Magnifying glass: 4 diopters
    • Compressed air: max. 8 bar
    • Housing: stainless steel, wood grey
    • Order-No.: 14805100
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