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REITEL goes green!


For more than three decades, we have been manufacturing stainless steel dental devices in
Bad Essen. To ensure the highest quality in our broad portfolio we have implemented the most advanced manufacturing standard. The non-corrosive stainless steel has proven to be the right choice based on many years of experience. Stainless steel is considered particularly valuable because of its hygienic surface properties, not only in dental technology but generally in the medical field. Especially because of their stability our devices are extremely reliable and durable, whether new or used. Long-term operation saves money and protects the environment.

We also pay attention to energy- and cost-saving factors when selecting additional components. With the device generation in 2015, we have been installing significantly more efficient motors and fans which means another saving for the user.

In the event of a defect, we offer repair of the devices whenever possible instead of sorting them out. Their technical conception allows for rapid troubleshooting. Only when a repair is estimated to be no longer profitable, we recommend you to invest in a new device.