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REITEL offers a rental device free of charge for bridging purposes if a new device cannot be shipped shortly after ordering. Rental devices for REITEL repair equipment are provided free of charge in the case of a warranty claim. Rental devices for third-party manufacturers or custom-made special devices for the customer may be provided, subject to availability, for a cost-sharing fee. A rental device is functionally equivalent but may differ in design and technology from the original (e.g., SUPERSTEAM instead of TRONADA).

In the case of delayed delivery in long-distance shipping/transport or accidents, neither we nor the dealers have any influence. Customers are required to return rental devices no later than 5 days after receiving the purchased device. The customer undertakes to pack the rental device ready for collection and to contact the dealer for the return transport. The return shipping costs will be covered by the respective dealer. Late returns will be invoiced at the customer's expense.