Dry vacuum cleaner

  • Description


    The DUSTY MINI HEPA is a dry vacuum cleaner with excellent suction power and extremely quiet 49 - 54 dB(A) noise emission.

    With an enormous suction power of 60 litres per second at 290 mbar, it really makes work quicker and more user friendly. The small size along with a container volume of 13 l make the compact suction a real multifunctional all-rounder.

    The suction levels of the DUSTY series are perfectly suited for the removal of dust and contaminants at the workbench or production units in the laboratory.

  • Technical features

    Technical features

    • light weight and small size
    • dust-free dirt removal when trimming or sandblasting
    • container volume 13 litres, filter bag volume 9 litres
    • dust-free waste disposal with the closable, 5-ply fleece filter bag H13
    • Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz
    • Current consumption: 700 W
    • Socket: USB power socket
    • Height/width/depth: 280/380/430 mm
    • Weight: 5,5 kg
    • Dust collection: 2300 l/min
    • Extraction rate: 99,95% (class H13)
    • Working sound level: 49 - 54 db(A)
    • Container volume: 13 l
    • Housing: synthetic material
    • Order-No.: 12910000
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