Trimmer incl. partially coated diamond grinding disc "PW" 

  • Discription


    The powerful ROTOGRIND NT wet trimmer, convertible for dry operation, is equipped with a silent brushless motor.

    The ROTOGRIND NT can be simply switched from dry to wet trimming. The disc is always cleaned and never clogs up (even after dry trimming) because of our patented wet rinsing technology. So model stability can be achieved, even for models that are not fully hardened. The shape of the housing, as well as the  device’s quick release front cover provide for easy cleaning and maintenance.

    The table can be fixed at any angle.

  • Technical features

    Technical features

    • special disc cleaning
    • hinged and removable front cover with quick release
    • automatic motor stop and brake when opening the housing
    • continuous water quantity control
    • overload relay and safety fuse in the event of a
    • power failure
    • Line voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz
    • Current consumption: 1.500 W
    • Height/width/depth: 350/350/470 mm
    • Footprint width/depth: 200/250 mm
    • Weight: 22 kg
    • Speed: 3.000 rpm
    • Disc diameter: 250 mm
    • Housing: stainless steel
    • Order-No.: 43301000
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